What is the difference between an intron and an exon?

1 Answer

Introns and exons are parts of eukaryotic genes .


Exons are interspersed with introns in most eukaryotic genes. The entire gene is first copied into a pre mRNA or heterogenous RNA, during transcription. This includes both exons and introns. Next, during the process of RNA splicing, introns are removed and exons are joined together to form a complete coding sequence. This mature mRNA is ready for translation.



Differences between Exons and Introns :

1) exons are the coding areas, whereas introns are the non coding areas of the gene.
2) exons code for the proteins but the introns are not implicated with the protein coding.
3) introns are less conserved as their sequences change very frequently over time. However exons are very much conserved and their sequence does not change rapidly over time or in between species.
4) exons are DNA sequences represented in the final RNA molecule, but introns are removed through RNA splicing for generating a mature RNA molecule.