What is the difference between psychology and physiology?

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Feb 15, 2016

Physiology is the study of how an organism functions.
Psychology is the study of the human brain and behaviour.


Physiology is a branch of biology that looks at how organisms function. This covers all kinds of things from how their organs work together to how each individual cell makes a difference. Physiology covers both physical and chemical processes and is often studied alongside anatomy (the arrangement of the body).

Psychology is also a study to do with the body, but this time it focuses on one specific area. The brain, or more accurately the mind. In psychology, you would learn about how the mind works and how this then translates to the behaviours you observe.
In psychology, you would learn about how the brain works and how it affects a person's behaviour. All areas of cognition, memory, emotion and other mental functions would be looked at - from the perspective of the mind.

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