What is the following linear function of a graph that contains the points of (0,0),(1,4),(2,1)?

1 Answer
Dec 19, 2017

The points do not lie along a straight line.


3 Points that lie along the same line are said to be "collinear" and collinear points must have the same slope between any pair of points.

I shall label the points #A, B, and C#

#A = (0,0),B = (1,4),C =(2,1)#

Consider the slope from point A to point B:

#m_"A-B"= (4-0)/(1-0) = 4#

Consider the slope from point to point C:

#m_"A-C" = (1-0)/(2-0) = 1/2#

If points A, B and C were collinear, then #m_"A-B"# would equal #m_"A-C"# but they are not equal, therefore, they are not collinear.