What is the formula for calculating density and what does each letter stand for in the formula?

1 Answer
Sep 21, 2016

#D=M/V# D = Density M = Mass V = Volume


Density is defined as the ratio of Mass to Volume.

Water for example has a defined value of 1 gram/ l ml (or #cm^3#)
or a density of 1

#D xx V# = M : # g/(ml )xx ml = g# ( or mass)

# M / D = V# : # g/1/g/(ml)# = ml (volume)

To make this more clear multiply both g/1 and g/ml times
the reciprocal of g/ml which is mi/g

# g/1 xx( ml) / g / (g)/(ml) xx (ml)/g) # = ml

The first term on the top reduces to just ml
The second term on the bottom reduces to 1
leaving ml or Volume as the answer.