What is the function of estrogen ?

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Feb 10, 2018


Esterogen is responsible for the developement and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characters.


Esterogens affect the following areas of the body:

1) during the menstrual cycle, esterogen produces an environment suitable for the fertilization implantation, and nutrition of a early embryo.

2) it stimulates the growth of the egg follicle
3) it stimulates the growth of the vagina to its adult size.
4) it brings about thickening of walls of the Fallopian tubes

5) it enhances and maintains the endometrium and mucous membrane lining of the uterus.
6) it also regulates the flow and thickness of uterine mucous secretions.
7) it influences the structural differences between the male and female bodies, such as females having a wider pelvis and more permanent hair on the head.

8) it helps to preserve bone strength and prevent bone loss
9) it regulates cholesterol production in the liver
10) it can help maintain body temperature, regulate the part of the brain linked to sexual development and enhance the effects of the brains "feel good" chemicals.

While esterogen levels are significantly lower in males as compared to females, they play an important role in regulating certain functions important to the maturation of sperm and may be necessary for a healthy libido.

In addition to their role as natural hormones, esterogens are used as medications in menopausal hormone therapy and hormonal birth control.

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