What is the function of RNA in protein sequencing?

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Mar 15, 2018

RNA contains codons following which protein is sequenced.


RNA has 3 types:

  • mRNA (messenger RNA)
  • tRNA ( transfer RNA )
  • rRNA( ribosomal RNA)

During protein synthesis you will find mRNA and tRNA's functions.

During translation, the Ribosomes attach at the 5' end of the mRNA chain. Ribosomes have three reacting bases.
We say them as A base, P base and E base.

In the A base , a tRNA molecule enters the ribosome and its anticodon bind to the codons of mRNA by Hydrogen bond . The ribosome moves the tRNA molecule moves across the mRNA and the tRNA automatically moves to the p base i.e. the center the ribosome ... There the amino acid it contained is isolated from the tRNA molecule and bind to the other amino acid www.news-medical.net

The ribosomes moves again and the tRNA moves to E-site of the ribosme where it get out of the ribosomes by breaking the hydrogen bond between the codons and anticodons.