What is the half life equation?

1 Answer

T=th xlog(m./m)/log(2)


You could use this formula:
Where Th = half-life.
M. = the beginning amount
M = the ending amount

One example of how to use the equation:

One of the Nuclides in spent nuclear fuel is U-234, an alpha emitter with a half-life of 2.44 x10^5 years. If a spent fuel assembly contains 5.60 kg of U-234, how long would it take for the amount of U-234 to decay to 0.35? First, break down the complicated equation:
T= unknown
Th= 2.44 x10^5 or 244000
M.= 5.60
m= 0.35

Then plug the number into the equation:

T= 244000 xlog(5.60/0.35)/log(2)

T= 244000x1.20412/log(2)

So the Answer is: T= 9.76x10^5 min.

Note: The example was a question from my quiz I took three weeks ago!