What is the importance of the carbon cycle?

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Mar 6, 2016

Carbon cycle plays a very important role in the lives of every living organism:-


Carbon Cycle is the movement of Carbon molecules from one phase to the another in the atmosphere as shown in the below figure :-
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#Co_2# from atmosphere is taken up by the organic compounds or plants which use it to make their food. From here we can see that

If #Co_2# would not be there in the atmosphere then plants would not be able to make their food and the greenery would die from the face of earth.

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The plants not only make their food but also give out #O_2# in the atmosphere which is used by us or the second group of organic compounds which shown in the above figure. And also release some amount of #H_2 O# in form of transpiration so from here we can say that

If #Co_2# would not be there then plants would not be able to make there food and then we human beings would not be able to get the necessary life air or oxygen which we get from plants so
indirectly after plants, animal life would also diminish from the earth.

Also we get from the above figure that
Petroleum, Coal- Which have become necessity nowadays to human life.


Inorganic carbonates or shells- Which we use as decoration material would not be available at all if #Co_2# would not be present in the atmosphere or on earth.