What is the mass percent of salt in a solution that made by dissolving 10g salt in 60g H2o?

1 Answer
Jun 28, 2018



The formula for mass percent is,

#%"(m/m)"="mass of solute"/"mass of solution"*100%#

From the question, salt is the solute (since it's of lesser amount) and water is the solvent (since we have more of it). Together, they form the solution.

mass of solute = mass of salt = 10g
mass of solvent = mass of water = 60g
mass of solution = mass of solute + solvent = 10 + 60 = 70g

Plug in the values into the formula,
#%"(m/m)"="mass of solute"/"mass of solution"*100%="10g"/"70g"*100%"="14%"#