What is the MathJax coding system that Socratic Uses?

Specifically, such as Latex although I don't believe Socratic uses it. Perhaps it is a simplified version?

1 Answer
Apr 10, 2018



Socratic uses AsciiMath to allow contributors to write math symbols and equations by using a much simpler and more intuitive syntax than LaTeX, which is why the team went with AsciiMath instead of LaTeX.

Chris explained why they went with AsciiMath instead of LaTeX in this blog post. You can read more about AsciiMath here.

Keep in mind that you can use LaTeX syntax to write math on Socratic, although as far as I know, some of the more complex functions are not supported.

For example:

  • without hashtags

V = \frac{4\pi r^3 }{3}

  • with hashtags

#V = \frac{4\pi r^3 }{3}#