What is the middle layer of the sun's atmosphere?

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Apr 23, 2016

The middle layer is called as the Chromosphere.


Chromosphere literally means sphere of color. It is the middle layer and around #2,000 km# deep. It is just above the photosphere, the first layer of the sun's atmosphere.

It is an irregular layer and its temperature lies between #6000^o C - 20,000^o C#. At this temperature, the hydrogen give the light which is reddish in color. This is know as Balmer H-alpha emission. You can see this emission during a Total Solar Eclipse. This is because the light is weaker than other layers.


Chromosphere also have two layers:

#1.# Upper Chromosphere
#2.# Lower Chromosphere

These layers just show us the location where they belong.

The Upper Chromosphere is near to the Corona, the third layer.

The Lower Chromosphere is near to the Photosphere, the first layer.

And note that we are taking these layers from deep to the top most part of the sun. Take a look at the picture to understand better.