What is the molar mass of #Ca_3(PO_4)_2#?

1 Answer
Feb 4, 2017

Can you tell me the molar mass of ATOMIC calcium, phosphorus, and oxygen?


In fact you can do this, because you do have access to a Periodic Table, and the atomic masses are printed on the Table. All scientists use the Table daily to assign molecular masses.

And the atomic mass of calcium metal is #40.1*g*mol^-1#, of phosphorus it is #31.00*mol^-1#, of oxygen it is #15.99*g*mol^-1#.

And to determine the molecular mass, all I do is appropriately sum these atomic masses: #(3xx40.1+2xx31.0+8xx16.00)*g*mol^-1#, and what do you get?