What is the name of #Ni(ClO_3)_2#?

1 Answer
Dec 19, 2015

Nickel(II) chlorate.


You're dealing with an ionic compound, which means that you can break it down into cation, or positively charged ion, and anion, or negatively charged ion.

Right from the start, the #2# subscript used for the anion tells you that the charge of the nickel ion is equal to #2+#. This of course implies that you're dealing with nickel in its #+2# oxidation state.

Since nickel is a transition metal that can exhibit multiple oxidation states, you're going to have to use Roman numerals to name this ionic compound.

Now focus on the anion, #"ClO"_3^(-)#. The anion has a #1-# charge, which is why you need two of them to balance the #2+# charge of the cation.

The #"ClO"_3^(-)# anion is called chlorate, or chlorate anion, and it features chlorine in its #5+# oxidation state.

This means that the ionic compound will be called - remember that the cation is added first

nickel(II) chlorate

Here the Roman numeral (II) symbolizes the oxidation state of the transition metal cation.