What is the noun, verb, subject, and predicate in the following sentence? The little green car sped down the street.

2 Answers

Noun: "The litte green car"
Verb: "sped"
Predicate: ""sped down the street""


The noun is what is doing the action.
The verb is the action.
The predicate is what did the noun do.

Apr 15, 2018

Simple subject: car Complete subject: the little green car
Simple predicate/verb: sped Complete predicate: sped down the street


Nouns are people, places, things, ideas, and activities. In this sentence, there are two nouns. They are car and street. Both are things.

The simple subject is who or what the sentence is about. In this case, the simple subject is car.

The complete subject is the simple subject and its modifiers. In this case, the complete subject is the little green car. "Little" and "green" are both adjectives describing the car and "the" is an article.

The predicate is a verb and has to do with the subject. For instance, it can be an action that the subject is doing. In this case, the car (simple subject) is speeding down the street. "Sped" is the simple predicate (the verb only). It is what the subject is doing.

The complete predicate is everything that comes after the complete subject. In this case, the complete predicate is sped down the street.