What is the percent by mass of the solute of a solution made by dissolving 29 grams of sodium lithium chloride in water which has a density of the solution of 1.00 grams/ml, to a final volume of 202 ml solution?

1 Answer
Jul 21, 2018



The percent by mass formula is expressed as:

#%(m/m) = ("mass of solute")/("mass of solution")xx100%#

From the question we have:
mass of solute = 29 g
volume of solution = 202 mL
density of solution = 1.00 g/mL

From the volume and density, we can find the mass of solution using this formula:

#"density" = "mass"/"volume"#

Rearranging the formula to find mass:

#"mass of solution" = "density" xx "volume" = 1.00 " g/mL" xx 202 " mL" = 202 " g"#

Plugging in the values into percent by mass formula:

#%(m/m) = ("mass of solute")/("mass of solution")xx100% = (29 " g")/(202 " g")xx100%=14 %#