What is the physiology of negative feedback?

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Apr 4, 2016

Answer in explanation.


Negative feedback is where the body tries to compensate for something to maintain balance. To show a good example would be like this. Imagine someone was involved in an accident which caused the person to bleed heavily. Now, the cardiac output is determined by the number of heart beats per minute multiplied by the stroke volume (blood pumped by the heart per minute). Normal amount is 5-8 liters/minute.

If the person is bleeding heavily, he/she is losing blood and thus the stroke volume is decreased so the bleeding body part will send a signal to the medulla oblongata to make the heart beat faster so it can pump the remaining blood to all parts of the body. If the bleeding is not stopped however, the body will continue to make the heart pump faster and faster to try to equalize the cardiac output which then results in a heart attack which shows that the body will exhaust all its resources to prolong the person's survival.