What is the plural of "weather"?

2 Answers
Apr 10, 2016

It stays the same


It is a non-count word such rain,milk...

So, to pluralize non-count words it is necessary to add a word that signifies a unit or measurement of quantity.

Apr 10, 2016

"weather" has no plural form.
(At least as far as I can imagine it).


Compare the following usage of boy / boys with a definite plural to parallel usage of weather.

That boy is happy.
#color(white)("XXX")#The weather is pleasant.

The boys in our class include Tom, Dick, and Harry.
#color(white)("XXX")#The weather in Canada includes snow, rain, and extreme heat.
#color(white)("XXXXX")#Note: we would not say, "The weathers in Canada include ...."