What is the position and function of nouns?

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Jun 11, 2018
   FUNCTIONS OF [NOUNS](https://socratic.org/english-grammar/parts-of-speech/nouns)

The work that a noun performs in a sentence is referred to as its grammatical function;
A noun can perform any of the following five functions:
• Subject of a verb
• Object of a verb
• Complement of a verb
• Object of a preposition
• Be in opposition to another noun.


Positions of nouns
1. Subject
A subject is followed by verb.
– Makara sang a song at the wedding.
– The house is very nice.

  1. Direct Object
    Direct object is the noun that receives the action of the transitive verb.
    – After dinner, I always serve a cake.
    – My restaurant offers a reasonable price.

  2. Indirect object
    Indirect object precedes the direct object and can be found by asking who or what received the direct object.
    – We can give my friend a ticket.
    – Mika sent her brother a postcard.

  3. Object of preposition
    The noun that follows the preposition is called object of preposition.
    – Many people live in the flooded village.
    – After the meal, we watch TV.

  4. Object of verbal
    Verbal’s are forms of verbs used as other parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.
    – Opening the door, I saw many people waiting for me.
    – We are the ones to win the game.

  5. Predicate nominative
    Predicate nominative is the noun following a linking verb that restates or stands for the subject. Examples:
    – Hun Sen is the leader.
    – It became an evil.

  6. Appositive
    Appositive stands directly after the noun it identifies.
    – Kanika, my best friend, just visited Australia.
    – Cambodia, my hometown, is the kingdom of wonder.

  7. Objective complement
    It is placed directly after direct object. Without objective complement, the sentence is not completed.
    I consider you my sister.
    I will make this party a good occasion.