What is the present progressive tense of the verb "bury"?

1 Answer

Combine a form of "to be" with the present participle of bury to get the present progressive tense.


From http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/tenses/present_progressive.htm

I copied:

The PRESENT PROGRESSIVE TENSE indicates continuing action, something going on now. This tense is formed with the helping "to be" verb, in the present tense, plus the present participle of the verb (with an -ing ending): "I am buying all my family's Christmas gifts early this year.

In the case of the verb "bury", the present progressive tense would be (for 1st person singular) I am burying.

To combine the example from the website plus our question, an example is: My dog is burying the bone I bought him for Christmas.