What is the primary water source for a recovery unit condensing coil?

1 Answer
Jul 31, 2017

For a condenser? Well, usually it's the mains water tap..........


I have used a few units in the lab that recirculate the cooling solvent along a closed system. In a few of the older teaching labs, the organic labs have a reticulated water supply so that you plug the WATER OUTLET back into the system (the water inlet links to a tank on the roof). Occasionally, the maintenance man, will pump all the collected water back onto the rooftop container, where gravity can be used for the next round of experiments.

You can also get units containing a pump and a refrigerator that can be used in a laboratory, and here you may be able to dial up a condensing temperature. These are very useful, but a bit of a pfaff to set up and maintain.