What is the relationship between pressure and volume in Boyle's Law?

2 Answers
Jun 24, 2018

At a constant temperature of a gas, the following rule (Boyle's Law) applies:


Where #P# is pressure and #V# is volume.

Jun 24, 2018

Pressure and volume have an indirect relationship


According to the Combined Gas Law:


This is just the general formula, and Boyle's Law is derived from it. Boyle's Law says that temperature is constant. So, we can remove temperature from the equation, making our new equation:


If we were to graph pressure on the y-axis and volume on the x-axis, we would see an indirect relationship occur.

To be honest, the way I always remember it is this:

#color(blue)("If temperature is involved in the equation, the relationship will be direct.")#

Since we are not dealing with temperature here, there is an indirect relationship.