What is the relationship of Charlemagne to Charles Martel and Clovis?

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May 14, 2018


These three men were the rulers of France ruing the medieval ages.
Charles Martel was the grandfather of Charlemagne.


Clovis was the first king of the Franks. Clovis established a kingdom in the area of what had been Gaul after the disintegration of the Western Roman Empire. His kingdom is dated about 466 AD. The Merovingian Kings ruled France until Pippen III the son of Charles Martel disposed the last Merovingian King.

Charles Martel 728- 741 was a military leader under the Merovingian kings. He effectively ruled kingdom of the Franks in the name of the king.

Charles Martel ( Charles the Hammer) conquered several smaller kingdoms in the area of Gaul. Charles Martel organized a trained organized army of professional soldiers supported by the previous free farmers of the Franks.

In 732 this professional army defeated the invading Muslim army at the battle of Tours/ Poitiers. This was the first defeat that the Muslim armies had experienced in 100 years and stopped the invasion of Europe by the Muslim Empire.

The prestige of the battle in 732 won Pippin III, Charles Martel's son the Crown as King of the Franks. Charlemagne 768-814 the grandson of Charles Martel inherited the crown. Charlemagne used his throne as king of the Franks to also conquer northern Italy and most of what is know Germany.

Charlemagne turned the kingdom of the Franks into what became the Holy Roman Empire. The kingdom of the Franks started with Clovis I. Charles Martel brought the kingdom of the Franks into power and prominence.