What is the set of numbers to which #8/3# belong?

1 Answer

#8/3# is a real, rational number


Here's the categories:

I. Real : Includes all numbers except square roots of negative numbers and fractions with #0# in their denominator

A. Rational : a real number expressible as a ratio of
whole numbers, or as a decimal have a continuous repeating
trend, like #0.3333333#, which is the case in this situation

a. Integers : a real rational number that is not a fraction and can be negative

i. Whole : a real rational integer that is not negative but can be #0#

ii. Natural Numbers : a real rational whole integer that is not #0#

B. Irrational: have irregular decimal expansions

II. Imaginary: usually caused by the square root of a negative number

Here's a Venn diagram showing relationship between the different types of real numbers.