What is the significance of the Grand Canal?

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May 20, 2018

The Grand Canal of China united the northern and southern parts of China allowing the shipping of grain and commerce.


China has two main river systems the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. The Grand Canal connects the two Rivers systems. This makes it possible to ship grain from the agricultural south to the more industrial north. It also helped bring supplies to the Chinese armies defending the northern borders.

The Grand Canal made it possible for China to be one united country rather than being ruled by small independent warlords.

The Grand Canal was first completed in 609 by the Sui dynasty. The Chinese invented locks in 984 that improved the ease of movement along the canal. This was an important invention to the entire world.

The significance of the Grand Canal of China is hard to overestimate. The Canal helped to united China into one unified nation. The Canal provided a means of commerce and transportation between North China and Southern China. Ships could move between the two major river systems of China because of the Grand Canal. The locks invented by the Chinese on the Grand Canal would make Canals possible throughout the world.