What is the slope of the line passing through the following points: # (12,9), (4,7) #?

1 Answer
Mar 12, 2016

The slope is #1/4#.


Slope is the measurement of steepness in the smallest possible units. You get it by putting the distance they are apart vertically over the distance they are apart horizontally. (Y distance over X - distance). It's draw like a fraction.

A Fun Poem to remember this is "finding the slope is easy and fun, just remember rise over run!"

There are two ways to find the slope of a line, the easiest way is to make a graph and count how far apart the points are by making a right triangle. Here is this problem drawn out; I used GeoGebra to make the graph
So for this it would b represented as #2/8# and simplified to get a final answer of #1/4#.

The other way is to use the Slope formula which is #(y1 - y2)/(x1- x2)# .

Solving using the formula:



So #1/4# is the final answer for the slope of a line pasing through the points (12, 9) and (4, 7).