What is the standard form of a polynomial #8x(3x+4-x^2)#?

1 Answer
Jun 6, 2016

The answer is #- 8x^3 + 24x^2 + 32x#


All you basically need to do is remember what standard form is -- standard for is always in the form #ax^2 + bx + c# (the first exponent does not necessarily always have to be 2, but they must be in descending order).

The math to get this for your particular problem is not difficult -- all you have to do is multiply the #8x# to all 3 terms. The only trick here is that you have to list the terms in descending order of power. This is also known as descending degree. If you have that, you should honestly have no problem with these kinds of problems.

Here's an article that explains this all quite nicely.

Want to learn about standard form in polynomials? Watch my video on it.

Hope that was helpful :)