What is the tip of the penis called? What is the name of the comma-shaped structure above the testes where sperm mature?

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Lizb Share
Jan 21, 2016


The tip is called the glans and the mushroom shape at the end is called the corona or crown. The comma structure is called the epididymis.


The end is called corona which is latin for crown because it literally looks like a crown.

This is the structure and function of the epididymis: Near the top of the testis is the head of the epididymis, which stores sperm until it is ready to undergo maturation. Next is the body, a long, twisted tube where the sperm matures. This maturation takes approximately one week. Last is the tail, which connects to the deferent duct, also referred to as the ductus deferens or vas deferens. From here, the sperm is transported to the ejaculatory duct (www.healthline.com)
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