What is the y-intercept of a line with the equation (y - 3) = 5(x + 2)?

1 Answer
Jul 13, 2015

Right now, your equation is in point slope form (y-y1= m(x-x1))
To find the slope and Y-intercept, you need to transform that point slope form equation into y-intercept form equation.
To do this:

  1. Take your point slope form equation, (y-3)= 5(x+2)
  2. Use BEDMAS, and solve the brackets first. This will leave you with, (y-3)=5x+10
  3. Now solve/take away the other bracket. This will leave you with the equation of, y-3=5x+10.
  4. Now, isolate the y variable: y-3+3=5x+10+3
  5. Your equation is now y=5x+13
  6. You now have your slope intercept form equation (y=mx+b)
    Your equation: y=5x+13

Now you can find the y-inercept and slope. In slope intercept form equation of y=mx+b, m represents your slope and b represents y-intercept.
Therefore, your y-intercept is 13 (b variable).