What is the z score of 0.05?

1 Answer
Nov 4, 2017

The z-score of 0.05 is 1.64.


To find the #z# score for 0.05, we have to refer the Area Under Normal Distribution Table.

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#z#scores are given along the 1st column and 1st row.

The table is populated with probability values or area under normal curve.

The given value is significance level. We have to find its corresponding confidence level. To do that -

#0.5 - 0.05 = 0.45#

The #z# score for 0.45 is the same as the #z# score for 0.05.

Look for this value in the table. At times you may not get the exact value. Then take the nearest value. The nearest value is 0.4495. Move horizontally to the z- score column. The value is 1.6. Then move vertically up to the z-score column. The value is 0.04.

Add these two values #1.6 + 0.04=1.64#

The z-score of 0.05 is 1.64.