What is water pollution? How is it created? How can it be stopped?

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Jun 13, 2017


Bad water created by chemicals in the water.


Water pollution is the pollution of water, and is caused by dumping harmful or toxic substances in water, or having bad pipes that contaminate the water, and many other things.

One recent example of water pollution is Flint, Michigan, where the water was switched from a healthy supply to a bad supply of water in order to save the government water. The water was contaminated with iron from the river, turning the water brown. Then bad piping systems leached lead into the water, in addition to the iron already in the water.

In my school as well, we have had several water fountains shut off because there was a lead level too high in the water, above state allowed levels, I believe. Either way, it was too dangerous to allow high schoolers, or anyone, for that matter, to drink.

A way to stop having water polluted is checking chemical levels very often and educating children on water science.

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