What muscles and tendons cause interior knee pain due to tightness?

1 Answer
Aug 8, 2016

What causes interior knee pain is swelling caused by fluid in the knee this usually comes from ligament and cartilage damage not muscles and tendons.


Pain is transmitted to the brain by nerves. Major nerves move through the interior of the knee.

Any twisting or pounding of the knee can cause bleeding and fluid build up inside the knee putting pressure on the major nerves inside the knee.

The inside of the knee is where ligaments attach bone to bone. Any twisting of the knee can damage those ligaments. The damage to the ligaments cause pain directly to the brain as well as causing swelling that puts pressure on the nerves causing sever pain.

The inside of the knee has cartilage that cushions the knee joint from the pounding of standing, walking, and running. Trauma to the knee can damage or tear the cartilage. A torn cartilage causes mild to sever interior knew pain. A tear in the cartilage often requires surgery to relieve the pain.

Muscles and tendons are on the outside off the knee. The pain from a strained muscle can hurt the outside of the knee. Tendons attach muscles to the bone. A torn tendon can require surgery but again the tendon is on the outside of the knee.