What part of speech is used for subjects and subject complements?

1 Answer
Apr 24, 2018

Simply nouns/pronouns.


Just keep in mind, subject and verb agreement issue, subject/object ( complement position) are always a noun or pronoun.

Many, etc
look like adjectives? But by functions these are nouns too.

Many were present there. e.g.

Problem is phrase or phrases.

Please keep in mind, the subject of a verb and subject of a sentence does not mean a same thing.

The cost of new trucks is/are high, a valid question of it.

Here, subject of the sentence is ===the cost of new trucks
But subject of the verb is only ---cost!

A single word that is the important to determine the sub-verb agreement issue.
the cost of new trucks===is a phrase.

The same way you will see at the complement position too--

that usually disturbs many people who are unwilling to understand the math of GRAMMAR, at least 80% issues, grammar is a math!

20% are exceptions that famous grammarians say.
These 20% is trouble makers too unless ones are not articulate at basic issues that I notice every day among learners.

Like, why varsity or university in spelling? Why sincerely yours, where there is not any verb at all to modify---sincerely? Ask like these many.

Solution: Understand the grammar by morphology or like a math, then you will find, the beauty of grammar.

The cost of new trucks is high. Because cost ( a single word) is the subject not trucks. Or you will not find the subject or object ( complement) after a preposition.