What protists are parasitic?

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Sep 12, 2017

There are many parasitic protists which cause diseases in human: from well known Plasmodium to little known Toxoplasma. Then there are parasitic protists which affect organisms other than human.


Parasitic protists in human:

  • Plasmodium causes malaria
  • Entamoeba causes bloody diarrhoea
  • Giardia causes an upset stomach
  • Trypanosoma causes sleeping sickness and chagas disease
  • Leishmania causes kala azar/dumdum fever
  • Trichominas causes inflammation of vagina
  • Toxoplasma infects tissues of brain, eyes, etc.

These parasites are of diverse type: either flagellate or sporozoan or pseudopodial in nature. It is important to note that all sporozoan protists are obligatory parasites: and can affect a wide range of organisms like fishes, insects, oysters, annelid worms, etc.

Some protozoan parasites in animals are:

  • Eimeria causes inflammation in gut of poultry.
  • Babasia causes red water fever in cattle.