What r the 2 main jobs of the nasal cavity?

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Mar 4, 2018

Well nasal cavity has got a lot of roles to perform,but I am not going to discuss all of them in details,here,as you wanted I am just mentioning two major roles only.

1 . It acts as the passage between the external nasal openings and the internal nares, through which air passes to the trachea via the pharynx. During this passage, entry of dust particles and microorganism is prevented by means of nasal hairs present in the vestibule of nose and also by MUCOCILIARY BARRIER of nasal cavity.

2 . Nasal cavity contains several bipolar olfactory cells on the roof and the adjoining areas of nasal cavity, which helps in olfaction i.e smell.

I am just giving you few word about what other roles the nasal cavity serves.

A .The nasolacrimal duct opens in the inferior meatus of nasal cavity, which drains tear fluid from lacrimal sac

B . It contains opening of different para nasal air sinuses,during inspiration air enters into them which acts as resonating chambers.

C . It also has some role in moistening the air entering into the trachea, specially in dry weather, as dry air is harmful for our body.


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