What's an example if a real-world situation involving two unknown quantities? A algebraic expression to represent the situation?

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Tony B Share
Feb 9, 2018


Blending material to meet a target value


Using a real situation with made up numbers.

A single aggregate material #ul("size group")# will have a mixture of sizes but have a bias in content towards one particular size.

When mixing aggregates say for concrete you have different percentages of particular size range within say 20mm aggregate composite and 14mm aggregate composite.

I am going to choose a target size of say 10 mm as a single group size to which we can apply a specification. Some of this size will be within both the 20mm aggregate and in the 14mm aggregate.

Suppose the 20mm composite had 15% at 10mm
Suppose the 14mm composite had 83% at 10mm

How much of each would you need to blend to meet a target of say 42% at 10mm in the final mix of material

Let the amount of the 20mm composite be #x#
Let the amount of the 14mm composite be #y#

#15%x+83%y=42%# of the blend

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