What should you do if you know part of an answer, but not the whole thing? Should you leave a comment?

2 Answers
Dec 9, 2017

Depending on how much you know, you may want to

  • request an answer by pressing the heart button next to the question itself.
  • leave a comment.
  • try to answer and ask for help from a Socratic expert in that field.

As general guidelines:

  • If you just don't know what to say in the answer at all, but you want to bump the question, press the heart button.

  • If you are really unsure how to explain something, it's generally more educational to leave a comment to help in terms of what you know. Maybe someone else will come by and answer it.

  • If you know how to answer part of the question but cannot figure out how to explain it well enough, you can ask other expert members you know could complete the explanation.

You could also ask the original questioner to clarify. Simply use the @ symbol and their username.

Dec 9, 2017

It depends....


I’d say it depends on how useful that part is. If it can answer the question, then say it, but then ad,it after that it isn’t the full answer. If not comment, yes, or wait and then edit someone else’s answer with your I formation.