What structure do angiosperms have and gymnosperms lack?

1 Answer
Jun 15, 2018

They have a couple of things: flowers, true vessel elements are the big ones


Angiosperms have:
Stamen, anthers, pollen tube, pollination modifications to flowers, a carple rather than archegonia, true stems and roots, trichomes and seeds with a mesocarp, endocarp and endosperm to nourish the seed.

Stamen, anthers, pollen tubes and other parts are modified to fit the angiosperms method of either wind, insect, or mammal pollination. This means they are very good at reproduction and variation. They have true vessel elements, xylem and phloem, but no tough bark or wood (no tough lignin or cork cambium) so they are flimsier. And they produce fruits, which have fleshy layers that protect the seed, nourish the seed, or attract animals to eat or spread the seed.

So there are a couple things.