What type of hallucination is most dangerous?

1 Answer
Jul 20, 2018

Hallucinations are sensations that appear real but are created by your mind. They can affect all five of your senses.


For example, you might hear a voice that no one else in the room can hear or see an image that isn’t real.

It can be an effect of Substance use, Mental illnesses, Lack of sleep or Medications. Hallucination can be induced as a form of therapy or recreation for certain individiuals.

Hallucination, which are either controlled or only happen, during short periods of time, can be considered harmless.

But when Hallucination becomes uncontrollable and usually happens during long durations, it will at some point, affect an individual's normal everyday functioning, which makes the individual unproductive and susceptible to danger/injury. For the individual might lose the ability to distinguish reality from illusion. When this happens, or know someone experiencing uncontrolled hallucination. Don't hesitate to seek medical intervention.