What type or types of stereoisomers are possible for 3,4-heptadiene?

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Nov 21, 2015

in 3,4-heptadiene there is no stereo center present.
for 3-heptene the stereoisomers are given in pic


enter image source here

Nov 23, 2015

Hepta-3,4-diene exists as a pair of enantiomers.


The condensed structural formula of hepta-3,4-diene is


At first glance, it appears that the compound has no stereoisomers.

But it is a derivative of allene (propadiene).


The planes of the #"CH"_2# groups in allene are perpendicular to each other, so a suitable substitution will create a chiral molecule (without a chiral carbon!).

You can check for yourself that the two structures below are indeed nonsuperimposable mirror images of each other (enantiomers).