What was the beginner of life on earth?

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Jan 9, 2017

See explanation.


It is not possible to give specific years in these approximations.

They are presented in a few ( 2 or 3 ) significant digits only, with

unit of time as 1 million/billion years ( my/by ). The experimental

dating is subject to imitations, in precision.

Before oxygen appeared, oldest growing and dividing microbes

might have appeared. This could be called the beginner of life on

the Earth.

The Earth had the first whiff of oxygen, 3.4 billion years ago ( bya ).

The Great Oxidation Event ( GOE ). that triggered oxygen into the

atmosphere, might have occurred 2.13 bya.

Unicellular life became extant during 2 bya - 600 mya.

Unicellular to multicellular life evolution might have started after 2