What was the primary reason for holding the Constitutional Convention of 1787?

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Aug 4, 2017


The Articles of Confederation.


Before the Constitution was drafted as the backbone of the United States government and after the country declared themselves free from Greta Britain's control, the Articles of Confederation, the first official document laying out the foundation of the government, was adopted by the Continental Congress on 19 November 1777 and ratified by all states on 1 March 1781. (Source one)

Yet, the Articles of Confederation were flawed. The federal government was weaker than the state legislatures, Congress had no power, the country suffered in international affairs, absence of currency, no executive branch and so on and so forth. (Source two) And among other things, Shays' Rebellion alarmed politicians of these problems despite not harming the government at all. (Source three)

These problems eventually led to Congress organizing a convention in Feburary 1787, which ran from 25 May to 17 September 1787. Although originally there to revise and improve the Articles of Confederation, the delegates eventually made the second official document and the current one that runs the country: the Constitution. (Source four)

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