What was the significance of the Battle of the Argonne Forest?

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Jun 23, 2017


If you are referring to the Battle of the Bulge towards the end of World War II it was the last offensive that Germany was able to stage.


The battle of the Argonne Forest called the Battle of the Bulge was a last ditch effort to turn tide of battle in favor of the Germans. The Germans wanted to split the United States, and British forces. The ideas was not only to spite their forces but to split the alliance between them. The goal of the offensive was to reach the port of Antwerp vital to the resupply of allied forces.

The offensive achieved great success but failed short of its goals. The British and American forces remained united. The Germans did not reach the port of Antwerp. The offensive also caused great loses in the German forces. Large numbers of the best German troops and armored units were lost in the offensive. Germany would never again be able to launch a counter offensive.

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