What was the situation the Allies were in when the Americans arrived in Europe during WW1?

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Apr 15, 2018
  1. They had just lost their huge ally; Russia.
  2. It had turned into a single front war (Western Front).
  3. There was a stalemate and morale and resources was low throughout Europe.
  4. Technology of war used in the modern age was coming about.


The Americans had joined the war on the Allies side in Summer 1917, this was due to the huge support for action against the Central Powers after the German U-Boats sank American shipping bound for Britain to deliver supplies to 'on the brink of starving' country.
They were to bring the Allies out of the stalemate when the great industrial war machine of the US began producing more weapons and brought its numerous, healthy and young men over into Western Europe to defend its allies.

Storming of the Winter Palace

Before hand, the Allies had been stuck in a grinding war with the Central Powers, and had been attacking it from the Eastern and Western Front. However, when the Russian armies began to collapse in 1917 and Bolsheviks struck, it threw all of Russia into a spin, leading the Bolshevik government which controlled much of West Russia into making peace with the Central Powers in March 1918.

German Storm Troopers going 'Over the Top' into No-Man's Land

Due to this new single front in the Western Europe, the Germans and Austro-Hungarian Empire were able to begin concentrating much of their forces on the French and British lines, where well-trained German 'Storm Troopers' probed Allied lines and broke through where it was weak.
It led to even less progress and furthered the stalemate, both under pressure from lack of food, resources and low morale in both troops and their public.

New Weapons of the age, from left to right. Machine Gun, Early Tank and RAF Biplanes

However, it was during this time where newer, deadlier weapons, such as the Tank were starting to become a common sight trundling across No-Man's Land, and planes had also begun to become more effective and Dogfights were becoming more common place.

It was with the arrival of the Americans that the war began to turn in the Allies favour, they were able to have Tanks produced rapidly in America as well as guns and munitions, and new, proven tactics had come about which proved effective in the break down of enemy lines. Though the Americans signify the end of the war, it would still be over a year until the whole affair was finished.


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