What were some goals of Peter the Great, and how did they achieve them?

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Nov 29, 2015


Open up Russia to the rest of the world.


Piotr Alekseïevitch Romanov became Czar of all Russias with one specific purpose: make his country an actor on the World scene. He had spent a few years in Holland as a youth and had seen the effect on society of trade and exchanges. He had realised the importance of the bourgeois class, the need of banks, insurances and technical skills that Russia did not have.

His main effort was to foster these services and to open up his nation to the seas. Up to his time the major, if not only, Russian Harbour had been Archangelsk, closed by ice nearly eight months every year.

Peter fought Sweden and Denmark and founded Saint Petersburg to give Russia access to the Baltic and to the Atlantic trade.
He also moved south and conquered the fortress of Azov from the Turks. He gained in this manner access to the Black Sea.

He made also some relevant civil reforms; but the breaking of all obstacles to Russian initiative was certainly his major achievement.

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