What were some of the causes Russians had a Revolution in 1917?

1 Answer
Jun 23, 2017

Various political, economic, and social causes led to the Russian Revolution.


1. Political causes

Political instability throughout Russia contributed largely to the people's demand for change. Czar Nicholas II abused his total power, resisted change, and denied human rights. Bloody Sunday, in which peaceful protestors were shot under the Czar's orders, led to national resentment of his rule. His involvement in WWI and the Russo-Japanese War (which Russia lost) increased his unpopularity, because Russia suffered losses in battle after battle.

2. Economic causes

Shortage of food and fuel, debt from participation in wars, and an unequal distribution of wealth between the social classes were also causes of the Russian Revolution.

3. Social causes

Marxism inspired the Bolsheviks to overthrow the Czar and establish a communist state. Karl Marx's ideas about class struggle and revolution caused the peasants (80% of the population) and workers to eagerly support the Bolsheviks.