What were some of the new food brought over from the Europe, Asia, and Africa to the Americas?

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Nov 7, 2017


Rice, oranges, and other citrus and apples.barley, wheat, coffee,Tea As well as many sources of animal protein.


The Americans relied mainly on maize for the starches. The Inca in Peru had potatoes. The Europeans brought over different sources of starch. like wheat, rice and barley.

The Europeans brought citrus from China, as well as apples adding to the sources of fruit. Citrus being very important as a source of vitamin C, preventing scurvy.
Drinks such as coffee from Africa, (Ethiopia) and Tea from China were favorite additions to the diet of the Americans.

The Americans had few domesticated animals. The Lamas for the Incas and dogs for the Aztecs. These animals were used for food,as well as beast of burden and hunting companions. The introduction of chickens, pigs, cows, and horses had a major impact on the cultures and diet of the Americans. ( Only the Apace. were known to eat horses.)

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