What were the effects of the Cuban missile crisis?

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Apr 1, 2016


The effects of the Cuban missile crisis had effects on all around the world & made a shift in the Cold War.


On Cuba, there was a trade embargo put on it by America & the vast majority of it's Allies which has only recently begun to be lifted.

There was also a change in mind & soul in Russia & America, both leaders knew the Cold War & Nuclear Weapons were becoming a great deal of stress on the countries & people involved.
With both JFK & Nikita Khrushchev actually frightening themselves.

Some changes/effects of the crisis included;

Was the dismantlement of Nuclear weapon sites in Turkey, which brought some relief to the USSR, & another of the promise that America wouldn't bother (Communist) Cuba (until very lately) in November 1962.

The introduction of the installation of a direct telephone hotline which provided instant contact between the two leaders & a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was also signed helping to relax & hopefully stop any possible miss conceptions between the nations, both these changes introduced in 1963.

The crisis also effected Khrushchev, he believed the USSR had won the crisis, but much of the world didn't view it that way, a repercussion of these effects were that China broke relations with Russia & in 1964, he was forced to resign as leader of the Soviet Union in.

Another change was a 4 years later, in 1968 which saw the signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, a treaty which stopped the supplying of Nuclear weapons to another country, something which before it was signed, was something America did to a lot of countries near Russia which were not it's own territory.

Yet this 'political war' would go on for more decades to come, bringing more years of friction & passive aggressive actions (e.g. Communist invasions by N Korea & Viet Min) between the countries, which both had a part to play, until ending in 1991, when the USSR collapsed.

Hopefully this helps & the extra info.