What were the four khanates established by the Mongols?

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kim Share
Jan 21, 2016


The four Khanates that the Mongols established in Islamic lands: the Chagatai Khanate , the Golden Horde i, the Il-Khanate , and the Tinud Empire


Empire of The Great Khan - Kublai Khan's Chinese empire, Yuan dynasty (to 1368) after Kublai's death.

Khanate of the Golden Horde - Western Asia, Europe east of the Carpathian mountains

Chagatai Khanate - Central Asia

il Khanate - Persia and the Middle East
Timurid Empire, which, under the leadership of Timur (known in English as Tamerlane), eclipsed all three of the preceding Mongol empires.

Although the others accepted Kublai and his successors as Great Khan and continued to send tribute, they were in effect independent.

In no way was the territory of the Golden Horde "in Islamic lands" as it controlled most of Russia, a Christian land. It later subdivided further into the Golden Horde and the White Horde.

Timur started out as the iL Khan of Persia, and later conquered the Chagatai Khanate and much of the territory of the Golden Horde; in no way was his empire ever one of the original 4 divisions of the Mongol empire. Rather, he was trying to reunite the whole empire under his sole leadership.

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