What were the immediate causes and long-term causes of the Sepoy Rebellion?

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Mar 24, 2016


Sepoy Rebellion/Revolt/ Mutiny 1857


  • 1857 Sepoy regiments received new rifles. The cartridges came in paper waxed with animal fat, Sepoys refused to comply out of concern that the protective fat came from cows, which they held sacred, & their Muslim counterparts refused on grounds that the fat might have come from pigs.
  • 1857 Hindu Sepoys & Muslims united against the British & staged a mutiny, killed their British officers, proclaimed restoration of Mughal authority
  • Left bitter feelings & caused the British to change their policies.
  • In 1858, to stabilize affairs & forestall future problems, Parliament ended the rule of the E. India Company. The British gov’t took direct rule of India.
  • Under pressure from the Company, Indian law banned sati as early as 1829, but was effectively enforced after.
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