What were the major problems in Jamestown?

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Sep 12, 2016

People who did not want to work, shortage of food, trouble with the Indians , and disease.


Many of the people who came to Jamestown came to get rich quick. They hoped to duplicate the wealth that the Spanish found when the Spanish looted the Aztec empire. The Virginia Indians did not have riches or gold. These men did not want to work, plant crops or contribute to the colony.

The settlers did not have enough food, so they traded with the local Indians for food. When the Indians did not want to trade the settlers took the food angering the Indians.

There were "wars" between the local Indians and the settlers where many of the settlers were killed and their farms burned. Sadly at the beginning of the colony there were good relationships between the Indians and the settlers.

Jamestown was poorly chosen. The location was in a low swampy area. Mosquitoes carried diseases and many of the settlers got sick.

Several times Jamestown was in danger of failing. Only the timely arrival of supply ships and strong leadership held the colony together.